Apple Music Unknown Album / Artist Bug Worries iOS Users

Apple Music app shows “Unknown Album” and “Unknown Artist” while streaming songs. This is a known error in iOS 9.

When you click on those three dots to get the artist label and the song details, Apple Music app shows you this error with unknown album/artist.


It is a basic feature – one that needs to be fixed immediately. And, from what we noticed, this error appears on both iOS 8.4 and iOS 9.

Users who have curated playlists from the “For You” screen are noticing this bug.

As one user says:

“I cannot believe Apple did this with the Music app. Always seeing Unknown Artist and Unknown Album on the screen has made me switch to Spotify app. Apple must fix it before it’s too late.”

As usual, if you are seeing the music page with this unknown problem all you can do is wait for Apple to come up with a solution in the next iOS 9 update.

There are no shortcut fixes at the moment.