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Now Remove Notification Clearing Bug in iOS 9

So we have a problem. And this problem affects only a certain number of iPhone / iPad users with iOS 9 installed. I am talking about this strange bug related to notifications. To be precise, you cannot clear notifications from your screen. So for instance, whenever you tap on “x” from your iPhone / iPad – […]

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How to Merge a Half-Split Keyboard in iPad

As I was browsing Twitter while enjoying my delicious home-made breakfast, I saw a couple of complaints from iPad users using iOS 9. And those complaints where related to the keyboard. Problem is that the iPad’s keyboard splits itself in half – meaning you have one part of the keyboard to the left and the […]

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Here Are The iPhones Supporting WiFi Calling Feature [iPhone 4s, 5 Excluded]

Apple introduced WiFi Calling feature (also written as Wi-Fi Calling) with the release of iOS 8 firmware last year. And even on iOS 9, it’s an incredibly popular feature as you can make calls and receive them over the WiFi network. Plus, one can also use their iPhones to send text messages for free as […]

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iOS 9 Safari Bug: No “Open In” Option & Can’t Save PPT, XLS, DOC Files

The issue is visible on iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 firmware. In the previous iOS firmware, you could open any file through the Safari browser – be it PowerPoint, Excel, Doc, etc. – and the “Open In…” option appears on the top-left. When you use this option, the file is downloaded and saved locally. […]

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Can’t Access Instagram? Well, it’s Down Right Now!

Instagram is down or is it just me? Yep! It’s not just you! Instagram is definitely down. We reported earlier that Facebook went down – and now Instagram. Reason? Perhaps because Facebook owns Instagram – and as Facebook’s servers are down, Instagram should be down, right? Or perhaps both the social networking sites are in […]

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