How to Auto-Join WiFi Network From Your iPhone?

Just imagine as soon as you walk into your home, your iPhone / iPad will connect to your home WiFi connection automatically?

For many, this is a great option. And it is already available by default.

Here's how it works: When you select your WiFi connection, then enter the password - these details are automatically saved.

Then, if the device is out of range, it searches for the WiFi (and keeps searching). 

But if it is in the range of the WiFi network, it automatically picks up the signal and connects to the Internet.

Simple, right?

Now, with iOS 8 and iOS 9, Apple has simplified this option further as shown in the pic below:

New WiFi feature in iOS 9 that automatically connects or disconnects WiFi.

You now have the power to turn ON or turn OFF WiFi connection at your will. Follow these steps:

Enable WiFi Auto-Join:

Go to Settings -> WiFi -> Switch ON Auto-Join. This will enable the auto-join option - which means you will be automatically connected to WiFi network when the device can find it.

For this to work, you must have connected to the same network before by entering the password (if it is a secured connection).

You will also notice the "Auto-Login" option. When you turn this ON, you will be logged into another network that requires username and password - this is great if you visit a restaurant that has its WiFi password-locked.

Disable WiFi Auto-Join:

To turn ON Auto-Join and Auto-Login option, follow the same procedure.

Go to Settings -> WiFi -> Switch OFF Auto-Join and Auto-Login (if the green color turns grey, you have disabled the feature successfully).