Is Beta Apple Website Down? Shows “We’ll Be Back” For a Reason

Update 15th September: website goes down once again.

Apple Beta website where all the beta software programs are hosted is not loading, as reported by several iOS users.

In fact: the website, accessible at, is down with a blank page.

Sometimes it shows the “error” message.

At the time of writing this article, we are receiving this message: “We’ll be back. We’re busy updating the Apple Beta Software Program website and will be back soon.” has all the new releases of iOS 9 and OS El Capitan. It is also the URL that iOS developers use to sign up and sign into their iOS developer account.


As usual, many websites and blogs believe the Apple website is hacked.

We don’t think so. In fact, if we had to go back, this happened with iOS 8 and Apple later released iOS 8 GM version.

So Apple may release a new iOS 9 GM version very soon. Or it can also be a server upgrade (as some users are unable to download iOS 9 from Apple’s server).

Whatever it is, we will keep you updated only at

Original Apple Before website (before downtime):


Apple Website with a message (after downtime):