Now Remove Notification Clearing Bug in iOS 9

So we have a problem. And this problem affects only a certain number of iPhone / iPad users with iOS 9 installed. I am talking about this strange bug related to notifications. To be precise, you cannot clear notifications from your screen. So for instance, whenever you tap on “x” from your iPhone / iPad – […]

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How to Merge a Half-Split Keyboard in iPad

As I was browsing Twitter while enjoying my delicious home-made breakfast, I saw a couple of complaints from iPad users using iOS 9. And those complaints where related to the keyboard. Problem is that the iPad’s keyboard splits itself in half – meaning you have one part of the keyboard to the left and the […]

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New iOS 9.0.2 Update Fixes What Was Broken in iOS 9.0 / 9.0.1

Looks like Apple really cares… As we now have a new iOS 9.0.2 firmware update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Released on September 30th, 2015 – iOS 9.0.2 (build number 13A452) is the third iOS update after iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.0.1. But what’s more important? Is the fact that Apple has released iOS […]

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Fix iPhone 6s Bug: Wallet, Health iOS Apps Zoomed In / Cropped

We are receiving reports from several iPhone 6s users that certain apps are zooming in automatically. These iOS apps appear big on the screen, its sides are chopped off (cropped), with larger text size and controls. In short: iOS apps do not fit in perfectly with the iPhone 6s’ screen, and following are some of […]

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Is Facebook Down? Shows “Sorry, something went wrong.”

If you try to access on your iPhone, iPad or desktop browser – you will get an error message saying “Sorry, something went wrong.” Clearly, Facebook is down. This is not the first time we are seeing this error. In fact, whenever Facebook’s servers are down, you get this issue. Update September 29th, 1 […]

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