Where’s The Low Power Mode in iPad, iOS 9 Users Want To Know

When Apple released the first iOS 9 beta, everyone were talking about the Low Power Mode. And many developers said this is the “next big thing” as it optimizes your device’s battery life.

Such an impressive feature, we thought.

Then, Apple released the stable iOS 9.0 firmware, and we couldn’t resist writing a simple yet long article explaining all about Low Power Mode

But there was one thing we missed.

And it is this:

Low Power Mode is not available on Apple iPads.

You can pick up your iPad Air / Mini, and look for the Low Power Mode feature (under Settings -> Battery) and you won’t find it.


This is not a bug or glitch – in fact, iPads never had Low Power Mode even on earlier iOS 9 beta firmwares. All the blogs out there have misled you.

We researched further and found lots of responses over this “missing” feature. Here are some of them we gathered from Reddit:

1. “Air 2 user, no low power mode, this is stupid. WTF Apple?”

2. “Not on my iPad Air 1 either, and I’ve ran all of the iOS 9 public betas before upgrading to the final build, and it wasn’t available on any of them”

3. “Correct, I have the Air 2 and I do not have low power mode.”

On Twitter, all kinds of iPads users are saying:


But why are these iPads not supporting the Low Power Mode? Some guesses from users:

1. “My only guess is that it’s because people mostly use their iPads at home so they should realistically be near a charger generally.”

2. “The iPad just gets good enough battery life (At least apple thinks so) that it doesn’t need it.”

3. “Maybe it uses hardware that doesn’t exist on the iPad?”

Our thoughts? As much as we would like to offer a “quick fix” or some way to “enable” Low Power Mode on your iPad devices, we simply can’t. And we do not even the exact reason why Apple chose not to offer this feature on iPads that are new and powerful.

So here’s what we can recommend you: Go to the Apple Feedback page and let them know you want Low Power Mode on your iPad. Let them know how much it is going to help you – when you are traveling, in your office, home, or anywhere else.

Then, hopefully, we can see this mode in iOS 9.0.1 or 9.1 update. Hopefully.