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Where’s The Low Power Mode in iPad, iOS 9 Users Want To Know

When Apple released the first iOS 9 beta, everyone were talking about the Low Power Mode. And many developers said this is the “next big thing” as it optimizes your device’s battery life. Such an impressive feature, we thought. Then, Apple released the stable iOS 9.0 firmware, and we couldn’t resist writing a simple yet […]

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What Happened To The Siri’s “Beep” Sound in iOS 9?

Have you upgraded your iPhone / iPad to the new iOS 9.0 firmware? Then you will know this: Siri doesn’t make those “beep beep” sound anymore when you open it. You can try pressing the Home button… Hold it harder if you want… Look into your Siri’s settings… Change the gender… Or turn up the […]

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Windows XP / Vista Gets New iTunes 12.1.3 With iOS 9 Support

Apple has updated its support pages (1, 2) to include a new and improved version of iTunes player designed only for Windows XP and Vista. If you are facing any kind of problems with the current iTunes player and iPhones, iPads… then this is the update you should get. New iTunes 12.1.3 Fixes Syncing Issue […]

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