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Siri Gives Hint On The Upcoming September’s WWDC Event

Launch Siri right now on your iPhone or iPad and throw this command: “Give me a hint.” The answer may surprise you. Because Siri will tell you that something big is going to happen in the month of September. Of course, Siri is talking about the upcoming WWDC event. And what’s even more interesting is […]

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Broken, Stuck iCloud Backup Now Working in iOS 9

“Why is this iCloud backup thingy not working on my iPhone? It is stuck at estimating time forever!” That was the first question we heard on the forums. Then, with time, we saw the problem was actually with iOS 9. iCloud backup is not working because of the iOS 9 public beta. This beta has […]

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Apple Stops App Reviews / Ratings From iOS 9 Beta

Are you using iOS 9 beta on your iPhone or iPad? Then you cannot write any reviews or leave your ratings in the iTunes App Store. That’s right! And we think this news might bring a massive smile on iOS developers. Let’s take a step back and explain in detail why this is a good […]

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iOS 9 Fixes Random UI Restart / Reboot of iPhone, iPad

It has been reported several times that iPhones are restarting randomly when you are swiping through pages or using any third-party apps like Facebook or Twitter. Root of this problem was iOS 8. In fact, from our research, we have found out that iOS 8.4 generated major issues that forces your iPhone and iPad to […]

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Updated List of iOS 9 Features For Apple Devices

“So what’s new in iOS 9?” It’s a common question from every Apple user. And the answer? Compared to iOS 8, the new iOS 9 was supposed to be a minor improvement. But it still has a lot of new additions and improvements. For example: Siri is now faster and more accurate while serving over […]

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