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How To Delete Selfies / Screenshots Albums in iOS 9

By default, iOS 9 Photos app shows a couple of folders like Camera Roll, Videos, Recently Deleted. And now, it also has two more folders: Selfies and Screenshots. Selfies album contains all the pictures you have clicked from the front iSight camera using your iPhone / iPad. Screenshots album contains all the screenshot pictures you […]

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How To Safely Downgrade From iOS 9 To iOS 8.4.1 Firmware

Update September 24th, 4:48 PM: This guide has been updated and works on devices running iOS 9.0 / 9.0.1 firmware. If you are thinking to downgrade your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the new iOS 9 firmware to the older iOS 8 firmware… Then here’s our guide for you. Consider it as a beginner-friendly […]

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Reinstall, Clean Install, or Factory Reset iOS 9 From iTunes

What’s a clean install? Let’s clear one confusion: You can say reinstall, restore, clean install, or factory reset… all of them are the same. Basically, a clean install is a simple way of installing iOS firmware on your iPhone / iPad so that everything is deleted. All your apps, games, photos, WiFi settings, documents are […]

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Recovery Mode in iOS 9 Explained

Our task at iOS 9 News is to simplify complicated things. And today, we are going to pick one topic that is worth your time. We are talking about iOS 9’s recovery mode… It is not an uncommon term in the iOS world… Yet it is often confused because some iPhone / iPad users are […]

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Sync iCloud Contacts With Your iPhone

If you have upgraded your iPhone to the latest iOS 9 firmware, and you see that some of your contacts are missing… Or if the contacts have disappeared from your device showing a “No Contacts” message… Then it’s time to sync your device with iCloud. When you sync it, all your old and new contacts […]

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iOS 9 Hard Reset / Reboot Explained

When you are updating iPhone / iPad to the new iOS 9 firmware, you may come across several bugs and unexpected problems – some of them are related to installation while others related to third-party iOS apps. All of these issues can be fixed by hard resetting your device. And in this guide, we are […]

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iOS 9 Keyboard Settings You Should Know

With iOS 9, Apple has added tonnes of new languages to its default keyboard, which means there is something for everyone. And there’s also a lot of other changes you should know. So in this quick guide, we share with you some of the useful keyboard settings you could access from your iPhones and iPads. […]

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iOS 9 “Verifying Update” Pop up Can Be Fixed

God. iOS 9 and its installation problems. They never seem to end. And today, we are going to talk about the “Verifying Update…” pop up that appears after you have downloaded iOS 9. If you are familiar with it, you will know that: Verifying Update text is stuck on your device’s screen for endless hours. […]

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