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How To Disable Apple Music Connect in iOS 9

In the next few minutes, you are going to learn the right way to disable Apple Music connect on your iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 8 / iOS 9 firmware. Disabling Apple Music Connect: The Right Way! Follow these simple steps: From your iPhone / iPad, go to Settings -> Restrictions. Apple may […]

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iOS 9 Tips App Can Be Deleted?

When you update to iOS 9, you will notice several native Apple apps that are pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. One such pre-installed app is Tips. And this Tips app offers you various tips and simple tutorials to help you use iOS 9 effectively. This is where it gets worse: So if you always […]

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iOS 9 Beta Expired? Here’s The Fix

Error message: iOS Beta Expired. Your iOS beta has expired. Please perform a device restore. This is the error message you will get when you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 9 firmware. Say, for example, you are using iOS 8 Beta 4 and you never upgraded the device to iOS […]

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Bring Back Old YouTube Player With Full Screen in iPhone / iPad

Google’s YouTube has changed. When you go to from your Safari browser on iPhone or iPad, you will get a new video player design. Google wanted to simplify YouTube, but this new “HTML5 player” isn’t readily accepted by many of us. Because it comes with a couple of problems: First, it doesn’t have the […]

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Trying To Rename or Change .DMG to .IPSW File on Windows? Don’t Do It!

Imagine this situation: You are about to download iOS 9 on your computer running Windows 8 operating system. You realize the file is in DMG format, which cannot be opened on your computer or transferred via iTunes. In other words, you cannot install the new iOS software on your iPhones, iPads, and iPad touches. Here’s […]

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How to Auto-Join WiFi Network From Your iPhone?

Just imagine as soon as you walk into your home, your iPhone / iPad will connect to your home WiFi connection automatically? For many, this is a great option. And it is already available by default. Here’s how it works: When you select your WiFi connection, then enter the password – these details are automatically […]

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When is the iOS 9 Fall Season Coming?

So a friend asked a simple question: “When is this fall? That is when Apple is officially releasing iOS 9 software.”If you have been following the iOS 9 launch, you will know the stable firmware will be released this fall. That means you will get to use iOS 9 on your devices in the month […]

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