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How To Disable Apple Music Connect in iOS 9

In the next few minutes, you are going to learn the right way to disable Apple Music connect on your iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 8 / iOS 9 firmware. Disabling Apple Music Connect: The Right Way! Follow these simple steps: From your iPhone / iPad, go to Settings -> Restrictions. Apple may […]

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iOS 9 Tips App Can Be Deleted?

When you update to iOS 9, you will notice several native Apple apps that are pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. One such pre-installed app is Tips. And this Tips app offers you various tips and simple tutorials to help you use iOS 9 effectively. This is where it gets worse: So if you always […]

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iOS 9 Beta Expired? Here’s The Fix

Error message: iOS Beta Expired. Your iOS beta has expired. Please perform a device restore. This is the error message you will get when you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 9 firmware. Say, for example, you are using iOS 8 Beta 4 and you never upgraded the device to iOS […]

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How to Auto-Join WiFi Network From Your iPhone?

Just imagine as soon as you walk into your home, your iPhone / iPad will connect to your home WiFi connection automatically? For many, this is a great option. And it is already available by default. Here’s how it works: When you select your WiFi connection, then enter the password – these details are automatically […]

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When is the iOS 9 Fall Season Coming?

So a friend asked a simple question: “When is this fall? That is when Apple is officially releasing iOS 9 software.”If you have been following the iOS 9 launch, you will know the stable firmware will be released this fall. That means you will get to use iOS 9 on your devices in the month […]

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