How To Close Siri (Not iOS Apps) Without Pressing Home Button

So we have been playing with Siri on our iOS 9 devices and here’s something we always did:

To close Siri, we had to press the Home button of our iPhone / iPad.

While it’s not such a difficult task, there is another easy way to shut down Siri without pressing the home button.

Here are the voice commands:

-> “Bye”

-> “See you tomorrow”

-> “Goodbye”

-> “Good night”

When you say any of these commands, Siri will close automatically. Before doing so, it is going to respond.

For example:


You: Bye. Siri: OK, see you later…

After which, Siri’s screen closes and you are taken back to the homescreen.

Note that we tried to see if Siri could close iOS apps and games running in the background… and the answer wasn’t too surprising: