Developers, No iOS 9 Beta Software Update? Here’s The Fix!

So many developers are now receiving this message every time their iPhones / iPads are unlocked: “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 9 beta.”

In fact, we have discussed this last week as Apple sent out a Software Update pop up to everyone. And when you go the Settings to check, there is no new update.

But now, we have iOS 9.1 beta available. And you can update your iOS device from iOS 9 beta to iOS 9.1 beta or the iOS 9 GM version.

How To Receive iOS 9 Beta Software Update

As mentioned by a Reddit user, this is what you should:

Go to and reload the profile.

To explain this further, your beta profile – one that you need to access iOS betas – is probably removed.

That is why you get the above dummy error and no new iOS 9 beta update. To solve this, restore your beta profile.

How do you do that? Just sign in from your iPhone / iPad device by going to This, of course, requires you have to have a valid and active Apple Developer membership.

After signing in using your Apple ID and password, pick up your device and to check your beta profile. Go to Settings -> General -> Profile (Under VPN).

If you see “iOS 9 Beta Software Profile” as shown below, then you will receive all the iOS beta updates easily. And that’s how you can update from iOS 9 to iOS 9.1 beta or higher firmware.