iOS 9 Brings New Bluetooth Feature To Disconnect & Forget The Paired Device

With iOS 9, Apple has introduced a new bluetooth sharing feature that allows you to remove all the old paired up devices.

In the earlier iOS 8 firmware, this is how the bluetooth page looked like:


This was followed by the list of devices connected to your iPhone / iPad. Say that you have connected 10 devices in one year via bluetooth, then Apple shows all these devices.

There was no option to remove them.

Now, with iOS 9, you have two options in the bluetooth page:

  • Disconnect
  • Forget This Device


Say that you have connected iPhone to your friend’s iPad… now you can either disconnect by tapping on your friend’s iPad (which is listed in the bluetooth page).

Or you can completely remove it by tapping on “Forget This Device.”

Bluetooth in iOS hasn’t changed much over the years, and this new feature is a welcome addition to iOS 9.

What are your thoughts? Are you finding iOS 9 useful? Have you faced any problems enabling / disabling Bluetooth? Share your thoughts through the comment section below.