When is the iOS 9 Fall Season Coming?

So a friend asked a simple question: "When is this fall? That is when Apple is officially releasing iOS 9 software."

If you have been following the iOS 9 launch, you will know the stable firmware will be released this fall. That means you will get to use iOS 9 on your devices in the month of September.

Because fall season is Autumn!

In every country, the autumn or fall season starts in a different month.

For example: In Australia, the fall season starts in the month of March.

As Apple announced iOS 9 in the US fall season, the question is: When does the fall season begin in the USA?

As mentioned in Wikipedia:

According to United States tradition, autumn runs from the day after Labor Day (i.e. the Tuesday following the first Monday of September) through Thanksgiving (i.e. the fourth Thursday in November)


To be more specific: September 22 is when fall season starts in America.

Areas of northern Minnesota, northern Maine, and the upper peninsula of Michigan can start seeing Autumn like conditions as soon as September 1. Where southern areas will not see autumn conditions until mid October or later.

How does all this relate to iOS 9?

Look at the previous iOS releases and you will know the exact date Apple is going to release iOS 9. For more details, visit on iOS 9 Release date page.

In short:

  • Apple released iOS 7 on September 18, 2013.
  • Apple released iOS 8 on September 17, 2014.

What about iOS 9? The first official stable version will be released in the third week of  September.