iOS 9.1 Beta Update Brings New Emojis / Smileys To The Keyboard

Apple has released the new iOS 9.1 beta update with lots of eye-catching emoji characters and smileys.

So if you use iMessage to chat, Notes app to write, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other app that requires you to use the touchscreen keyboard – then you are going to love these new set of emojis and smileys.

Why? Because Apple has added some crazy characters like the middle finger, unicorn, tacos and tonnes of new objects. That’s right – we have a middle finger emoji, and it looks like this:


All the new emoji characters in iOS 9.1 beta update:


What We Liked

I like the fact that we have tacos and even Sherlock Holes in the emoji.

I will personally use the Sherlock Holmes when someone drops a “smart” text message or to end the conversation abruptly (yeah, I do that).

Then we have cricket bat and call, chocolate, and even mosques. Not that useful for us.

Sports emoji include skiing, arrows, basketball, lifting weights, bicycling, skating, etc. Sometimes useful. But the middle finger is our favorite with friends.

What We Want

iOS 9 has only one popcorn emoji, and the brown turd face needs more variation. We also need more fruit emojis – mango, orange, avocado… and all that would be great.

In anyway, everyone will get these new iOS 9 emojis when they update their devices to the newest iOS 9 that is set to release soon (see the official release dates of iOS 9).

If you want to use them right now, you should have an iOS developer account – and you should have iOS 9.1 beta installed on your iPhone / iPad. Only then you can access these characters.