iOS 9.1 Is Really Faster Than iOS 9.0

Truth be told: iOS 9 firmwares are always improving. And we get to see those improvements in iOS betas.

In fact, we can now safely confirm that iOS 9.1 beta is better than iOS 9.0 Gold Master version, which means…

When Apple releases iOS 9.1 stable version in the next month or so — you are going to love this new update.

Let’s see why.


First, iOS 9.1 is big on performance, unlike the current iOS 9.0 update… which can be compared to your old iOS 8.

However, in iOS 9.1 beta, performance is super-good. Impressive. In fact, from our quick test, we can say that it is faster than ever as it opens Spotlight quickly…

Siri is so much smoother and opens faster…

Keyboard loads in a flash when you want to type…

And then we have those cute emojis available – something teenagers and Twitter users will love.

To confirm iOS 9.1’s blazing performance, we checked Twitter. And there are several users expressing their joy after using iOS 9.1 beta on their devices:

iOS 9.1 impacts battery too, and it’s all positive. In fact, when compared to iOS 9 GM, the battery performance is much, much better. It lasts longer, for sure.

And if you didn’t know – iOS 9 GM and iOS 9.0 beta were filled with lots of bugs and errors…

iOS 9.1 has them too… but compared to those earlier versions, we really love this new update. That’s why this post. 🙂

iOS 9.1 Bugs:

Some of the common problems we noticed:

  • Some third-party apps cannot locate the camera roll. So if we were to add pics from our album, it is not possible.
  • Similarly, you cannot hear audio in some of the third-party apps.
  • News app is not working yet.
  • Cannot view photos easily – sometimes the horizontal / vertical orientation doesn’t work or is slow.
  • WiFi issues. Personally, we haven’t noticed that, but we know few iOS developers who were frustrated with the issue (which is also visible in earlier iOS updates).
  • Homescreen’s pixels are adjusted / shifted when you play with the Notification Center.
  • And of course, WhatsApp shows this setup error that is yet to be fixed.

With all this said, iOS 9.1 beta firmware is the most polished firmware version we have seen. Remember this is a beta update…

So we are expecting even more enjoyable experience when the stable iOS 9.1 firmware is out – and that should happen in the next month.