Clearing Cache / Junk Files in iPhone / iPad: The Right Way To Do It

If you have been using iPhone / iPad for a while now, you will know there doesn’t exist any settings or options to clear the cache.

Android has a better system, where you can forcefully stop the apps, uninstall them, clear the cache and the data — all this by going to the “Apps” section through the Settings menu.

So what about iPhones and iPads? How do we get such an option? Can we really clear cache and junk files?

The answer is simple.


Apple automatically clears the cache of your entire iOS device. And this is possible when:

  • You are updating your current device from one iOS firmware to another.
  • Your storage is full and there is no way you can install any other apps or games.

In both the cases, Apple will clear the cache files and junk data of all the apps like Mail, Safari, Chrome, Apple Music, etc.

Let us have a deeper look and see practical solutions:

How to Clear Cache of Any iOS Apps / Games

Solution #1: Update From iOS 8 To iOS 9

This is the right time to do so. You can also upgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 9.1 (only beta has been released) if you are a developer.

For consumers, like you and me, updating iPhones and iPads to the latest iOS 9 firmware helps in clearing old caches automatically.

Just install iOS 9 through any one of the way and you are good.

Solution #2: Make Your Device Full

Full as in use up all the available storage space. Say that you have a 16GB iPhone model, and we have 2GB of free space. Use that space by storing music, videos, or any apps / games.

While it sounds easier – it is the most time-consuming task as you have to find a way to fill your available storage space with some random files.

Which is why we have dedicated third-party apps that creates dummy storage space. This forces the iPhone or iPad to believe the storage is full and hence it clears the cache.

It is a very way to optimise your device. Here are a few free apps we recommend:

Battery Doctor is a management app that cleans the junk and cache files automatically. You can optimise your apps and see the power usage too.

Memory &Disk Scanner Pro is yet another free app that manages your memory and cleans your disk files. You just have to hit the “scan” button and let the app do its work.

It will pop-up a window saying the storage is full when you scan your device. (Remember we said that full storage forces Apple to remove junk / cache files?)


So we have discussed two simple ways to get rid of the cache files of every app and games you have on your device.

Then we talked about a couple of apps we use and recommend that are free to download.

Over to you: What are you doing to make sure your iPhone is cache-free? Are you using any other third-party apps? If so, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and tips via the comment section below.


Use these methods to get rid of the “Other” storage your iPhone / iPad shows via iTunes. Junk and cache files will be removed based on your usage – it may not bring back all the “free” space you require, but there will be a significant improvement in space.