Linksys Smart WiFi App Adds iOS 9 Support, Fixes Crash

Smart Wi-Fi app from Linksys has been updated to support iOS 9 firmware.

Previously, when you use your iPhone / iPad to open the Smart WiFi app, you would either get a blank page or the app would crash unexpectedly.

Several folks complained the app never worked since the launch of iOS 9 stable version (which happened on September 16th):


Fortunately, the latest v. 1.7.1 app – released on September 18th – fixes these annoying issues permanently, or at least

Here’s what’s new in Smart WiFi app:

-> iOS 9 support
-> Better error reporting to help diagnose issues
-> Miscellaneous OS and device bug fixes
-> Fix for a login bug that may address issues reported by some users. App functionality has been heavily tested.

Used for monitoring and controlling your WiFi connection on your iOS devices, Smart WiFi app gives you a complete control over your WiFi router.

You can give full or limited access to your friends and family members by creating a special “guest” network. Plus, through the app, it’s possible to block special websites and devices access your WiFi network.

All in all, Linksys Smart WiFi app supporting iOS 9 is a great news. And if you haven’t updated the app yet, go to the App Store and look for the new update. You can also follow this link to download / update Smart WiFi: