How Long Text Messages Appears in iOS 9?

If you have always wanted to send long SMS / text messages from your iPhone or iPad, and wondering how it looks like, then check out these screenshots:


They were grabbed from the Message app in iOS 9, and you will notice the text messages have are shortened with an arrow at the end.

When you tap on this arrow, you can see the full message.

In short: Apple takes your long message and automatically shrinks it for you.

Your network will charge you based on the length of the text (unless you are on a free plan). But you can also send long messages through iMessage for free.

We thought this was a new feature in iOS 9, but after researching more and asking around, we realised iOS 7 and iOS 8 had this feature.

But for those of who didn’t know, like us, now we know how long messages appears in iOS 9. Simple yet useful feature when we are part of a group messaging thread.