Missing Middle Finger, Taco Emojis in iOS 9 Upsets Users

Of all the news we have to cover, we are going to invest our time and energy to talk about emojis and those cute little smiley characters we have on our iPhones and iPads.

You see, iOS users love these emojis. They are full of emotions. Feelings. And when Apple users found out that iOS 9 is going to get a new set of emojis, they went crazy, updated their devices, and probably even jumped on their bed while texting.

(Yes, we have done that!)

Fact is…

iOS 9 Doesn’t Have These Emojis

We are talking about the middle finger, taco, burrito, sports emojis and so on…

All of them are unavailable on the latest iOS 9.0 firmware.


Because many were “misinformed” that smileys and emojis are going to come in iOS 9…

Sure, we have many new flag symbols added to the keyboard…

But the real middle finger, taco and other kickass emojis will be yours only on the new iOS 9.1 update.

Apple is going to release this new iOS update next month. For now, you gotta live with this bitter truth.

Some tweets of fans who were looking for the middle finger emoji after installing iOS 9 on iPhones / iPads:


And folks were also looking for the taco emoji in iOS 9:


Over to you: How surprised or upset are you to NOT get these emojis? Does it even matter? You bothered? Well, we certainly cannot wait to get iOS 9.1 as it is faster than iOS 9.0… and of course it has our favorite emojis. 😉