New iOS 9 Font San Francisco Gets Mixed Reaction

Here is the name of the old font in iOS 8 and earlier firmwares:

  • Helvetica

And here is the name of the new font in the newest iOS 9 firmware:

  • San Francisco.

San Francisco font is designed and developed by Apple, which means they are going to stay alive for several years. And you will see them everywhere – on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and TVs.

That’s right – Apple’s San Francisco font is here to stay!

Now that it’s clear, let’s compare the old iOS 8 font with iOS 9. Left side of the image shows the latest San Francisco font, while the right one is the old Helvetica font:


So which font is better? Is the new San Francisco hated or loved? It is ugly or sexy? See if you can guess the font when used on the homescreen on an iPhone:


Hint: Right side we have the new San Francisco font in iOS 9.

When we look at Twitter, the response is surprising as usual.

Here are the tweets of folks who love iOS 9’s new font:


Here are the tweets of folks who found iOS 9’s new font ugly:


There is also a large portion of users who never noticed this new font after upgrading to iOS 9!

Oh, we humans – and our minds…

Anyway, our personal opinion though? We would like to stay neutral because if we hate the new font now – later we have to “accept” it anyway.

As this San Francisco font in iOS 9 cannot be changed, we are left with only one option: to start liking it right now.

Of course, it takes some time for our eyes to get adjusted to this new default font. And oh, how we wish Apple introduced an option where one could go to settings and select / change the font on our iPhones and iPads whenever we want.

Maybe in iOS 10. Maybe.

For now, the mixed reaction of people liking and hating iOS 9 is not surprising. Let us know what do you think of this new subtle change that everyone is talking about through the comment section below!