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Windows XP / Vista Gets New iTunes 12.1.3 With iOS 9 Support

Apple has updated its support pages (1, 2) to include a new and improved version of iTunes player designed only for Windows XP and Vista.

If you are facing any kind of problems with the current iTunes player and iPhones, iPads… then this is the update you should get.

New iTunes 12.1.3 Fixes Syncing Issue

Latest iTunes player – iTunes 12.1.3 – has been designed for older systems. Apple decided to release this as many users experienced syncing issue.

Apparently, if your iPhone / iPad is updated to iOS 9 firmware, then you cannot sync – photos, apps, music, document, etc. – after connecting to the iTunes player.

This problem was visible only on computers and laptops running operating systems older than Windows 7 – which is Windows XP and Vista.

Better iOS 9 Support

iTunes 12.1.3 offers support for iOS 9.0 firmware and is more reliable. It crashes less from what we hear and works on computers with low-end video cards.

So if you are using a really old laptop, or computer with those Intel Pentium chips running Windows XP or Vista, get the iTunes 12.1.3.

Download 32-bit and 64-bit iTunes for Windows XP/Vista

32-bit Windows version of iTunes player is 108.8 MB large, while the 64-bit is 121.3 MB.

To know if your Windows machine is running on a 32-bit or 64-bit, head over to this article… or read the screenshot tutorial below:


  • Marvin Martianul

    “It crashes less from what we hear…” That is incorrect. On Vista, it crashes every single time you close iTunes, just like every other version since 11.2 was released in May 2014. However the ratio of appcrashes to BEX errors might be higher than previous versions. (BEX errors cause the Data Execution Prevention notifications that Vista users are well-acquainted with thanks to iTunes.) Still, for those who wish to support iOS 9 devices from platforms that Apple no longer really supports, iTunes 12.1.3 is the only game in town.

  • Allen B

    My Vista PC has an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz processsor, not one of those Pentium chips. Marvin is correct, iTunes 12.1.3 crashes like clockwork.

  • Neil

    This seems tantalising (installing iTunes 12.1.3) but it doesn’t work. It starts the installation process but crashes every time. I called Apple who said it is nothing to do with them – you just can’t use Windows xp with iOS 9. Any suggestions?

    • Marvin Martianul

      Are you running XP SP3 32-bit? (That’s the only version Apple claims it should work on.) If yes, then my only suggestion would be a new PC. It sounds like 12.3 might actually work right on Windows 10, unlike earlier iTunes versions.