Nike+ Fuel App Update Stops Crashes & Fixes Bluetooth Issues

nike+-fuel-ios-9Nike has updated its Nike+ Fuel app for iOS 9. Now it is optimised for the new iOS 9 firmware while fixing major bugs that were a concern to many beta users.

So whether you are a beta user or not, go ahead and update to the new Nike+ Fuel app.

Before this, many iOS developers found the app unusable as it was completed broken on iOS 9 beta. After a long wait, folks at Nike have optimised the app to make sure it doesn’t crash anymore.


Problem with bluetooth has been fixed with this latest Nike+ Fuel 2.4.5 version – released on September 15th, 2015.

In short: Nike+ Fuel now uploads the data and syncs with your iPhone / iPad without any problems.

As iOS 9 becomes more popular, and many users will upgrade their devices from iOS 8 to iOS 9, we will notice lots of app updates in the App Store.

So if you haven’t updated your Nike+ Fuel app yet, go the App Store and tap on the “Updates” button. You can also go to this link to grab the latest version: