2 Ways To Request Desktop Site in Safari on iPhone / iPad

If you are using the Safari browser on your iPhone / iPad, then you will know about this new feature: Request Desktop Site.

Here’s what it does: Visit any mobile website, and if the fonts are small/large, design is flawed, page doesn’t load or you don’t particularly enjoy browsing through the site as it lags when you scroll, or whatever the reason can be…

Then you can switch from the mobile site to the desktop site using Request Desktop Site feature.

In iOS 8, to request the desktop version of a mobile website: load the website in the Safari browser, then tap or drag the address bar from the top. This brings up two links: Add to Favourites and Request Desktop Site.

Tap on Request Desktop Site to get the desktop version. However, in iOS 9, this will not work. You will be screaming: “Where is the Request Desktop site link? I can’t find it.”

For that reason, here’s a simple tutorial you can follow:

Safari Browser: How To Request Desktop Site in iOS 9

Method 1: Request Desktop Website Using The Reload Button

Type in the URL of the website in the address bar (ex: ios9news.net), then hit Enter. Next, when the website is fully loaded, tap on the reload button (located to the right within the address bar) to get Request Desktop Site at the bottom of the screen:


Method 2: Request Desktop Website Using The Share Button

When the website is fully loaded, tap on the Share button (looks like this) in the Safari browser. This should bring up a couple of options: Favorites, Copy, Print, Find on Page, etc. and Request Desktop Site.