September 9th is When iOS 9 Update Will Be Announced Not Released

I have been following Apple events from the past seven years…

And every year, there is massive excitement and lots of questions from new users…

Because, after all, it’s Apple – and they launch some really sweet updates in the month of September.

On September 9th, we will once again see Apple announcing a new Apple iPhone and iOS 9 update.

iOS 9 Announcement

One thing that many users don’t get it (and I don’t blame them) is the fact that iOS 9 stable version won’t be released on the announcement date.

In other words, what Apple does is this:

  • September 9th: Apple is going to announce the new features and availability of iOS 9 stable version.

On that particular event day or the next, Apple will release a Gold Master version of iOS 9, which is almost similar to the stable version but not completely stable.

Many iPhone / iPad users will never check this and download the iOS 9 GM version.

Reason to write this post is simple: If you are new to the Apple world, and you want to update from iOS 8 to iOS 9, then you may want to wait.

iOS 8 stable version was released on September 17th, 2014.

We expect iOS 9 final stable version to be released on similar date, not on September 9th. Hope this helps!

Keep checking the iOS 9 release date page to know when Apple announces iOS 9 firmware to the public!