iOS 9 Enables Hey Siri By Default

After you have upgraded your iPhone / iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 9, you will taken through the installation process. And in this process, you are requested to set up Hey Siri on your iOS devices.

Hey Siri is your personal voice assistant that is similar to Siri, yet it offers a “hands-free” experience. In other words, you can talk to Siri without pressing any button. Just say the command “Hey Siri” to start communication.


Remember: At the September 9th (2015) Keynote event, Apple promised to bring Hey Siri to all the devices compatible with iOS 9.

By default, after successfully installation iOS 9 via iTunes or OTA, a setup screen appears forcing you to enable Hey Siri. This wasn’t the case in earlier iOS 8 firmware.

Thankfully, we have the screenshots showing the Hey Siri setup process on both iPad and iPhone. This should give a clear idea on what you can expect after upgrading to iOS 9. Here we go:

Setting Up Hey Siri on iPad:

Setting Up Hey Siri on iPhone: