Broken, Stuck iCloud Backup Now Working in iOS 9

icloud-backup-logo“Why is this iCloud backup thingy not working on my iPhone? It is stuck at estimating time forever!” That was the first question we heard on the forums. Then, with time, we saw the problem was actually with iOS 9.

iCloud backup is not working because of the iOS 9 public beta. This beta has issues backing up your iCloud data from your iPhone and iPad.

Even if you manually press the iCloud’s “back up now” button or switch to a fast WiFi connection, iCloud just wouldn’t backup anything. It stays there “stuck” for hours on your screen without any error messages.

All this, fortunately, has been fixed with the latest iOS 9 beta 5. And that means even on iOS 9 stable version, you will likely never face such issues.

As an iOS 9 developer points out:

“Thank god! I notice now the iCloud backup has finally backed up the data at about 2:36am. Checked now to see everything is working. Looks like Apple finally fixed this annoying backup issue once and for all.”

So if you are using iCloud backup feature, check again and try to backup now. If it doesn’t work, we recommend you to restart the device and try once again.