Best iOS 9 Bluetooth Keyboard For iPads / iPhones

There’s an endless supply of physical keyboards in the market – some are made for computers, some for smartphones and tablets. But which one is really good? As an iPad and iPhone user since 2010, I will share with you my thoughts on keyboards in this article.

Before we dig further, let me share you a couple of key points you should know:

Yes, Look Around For Any Bluetooth Keyboard

Truth is simple. You can take any keyboard and make it to work on your iPhone / iPad. All you need is a “bluetooth” enabled keyboard and it will wirelessly pair with your iOS device.

If you are using Apple iMac like us, then you will know the default Apple keyboard is sufficient for typing wirelessly on your iPhones / iPads.

Just look around for any bluetooth keyboard if you haven’t used one before.

But Here’s Why The Original Apple Wireless Keyboard Doesn’t Cut It For Us

Original Apple keyboard is made for Macs – and that includes Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac of course. It is not made for iOS devices, but you can use it without any problems. We have been doing that for years.

Lately, however, the keyboard has issues. As someone said on the Amazon page: “Increasing, frustrating problems with repeating keys and dead keys after 15 months.” It can be a rare case, but yes it has been several years since Apple updated its keyboard.

A really good keyword, we believe, should allow us to switch between the iPad and iPhone and Mac. That would be convenient.

Plus, taking out the batteries and replacing it with a new pair is painful. In fact, I was using some local batteries on my iMac’s Apple keyboard and I had to buy new pair every two week. Wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, which leaves us with another option:

Logitech K811 Keyboard: Designed Exclusively For iOS Devices!

Logitech k811 is a physical bluetooth keyboard made for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. What we really love about this is not just the design, but also the features it comes with.

In fact, it solves the problem of “switching” we were talking about. So if you had to switch from typing on your iPad to iPhone, then all you need to do is press any one of the function key.

Note that this keyboard has 3 function keys, each one dedicated for certain device.

In short: You can wirelessly pair up to 3 devices and switch between them by tapping a key. This is incredibly useful if you are a writer, blogger, or someone who has to type out emails regularly or write content.

New Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard Compatible With iOS 9

Plus, you can use this as your travel keyword because it doesn’t have any battery. Yes, Logitech’s K811 keyboard is rechargeable. No more running around looking for cheap or expensive batteries.

Sharp, bright backlit keys on Logitech's K811 keyboard. Great, simple design!

Just use the USB cable to recharge the keyboard. Once recharged, the keyboard will work for at least 10 days depending on the usage (can last as much as a year with just one charge).

I personally believe Logitech’s K811 keyboard is the best wireless / bluetooth keyboard one could have on iPhone / iPad.

If you are using any other keyboard that’s as good as this, feel free to share your thoughts through the comment section below. And if you are still planning to get a good keyboard, just look at the Logitech K811’s reviews on the Amazon page and you will know why Logitech K811 is great.

At the time of writing this article, we have 75% reviews with 5/5 stars. I think it deserves that.