Revealed: Exact iOS 9 Release Date / Time In 140+ City

Apple will release the new final version of iOS 9 firmware on September 16th, 2015 – and it is going to blow up the entire iOS city.

Question is: How freakin’ excited are you to get iOS 9 on your device today?

This is the first stable version of iOS 9 released to the public after Apple made its announcement at the WWDC (June, 2015) and Apple Keynote event (September, 2015).


“I’m coming tonight baby,” says iOS 9.

iOS 9 Release In Your City / Country

We have updated our iOS 9 Release Date page with a nice little countdown timer showing the exact time (depending on your country) of the release. You can check it out for more details:

However, there’s another “chart” created by the folks at Apple Support on Twitter. And this chart reveals the exact time of iOS 9 release based on your city:


Worldwide iOS 9 timings revealed.

From Brasil to India, United States, UK, New Zealand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, France, Italy, Germany… and every part of the world will get this new update. In fact, there are 140+ cities listed in this chart.

Find your city, look at the time, so you can get ready to download and install iOS 9 on your Apple devices.

As you can probably guess, as a website dedicated to cover everything about iOS 9, we are incredibly excited! You will get an update from us when the new firmware comes out in the public tonight.

In fact, after testing iOS 9.1 beta – that is super-fast in performance – we can’t wait to try out the “stable” version of iOS 9 now. Let’s get our hands dirty!