How to open files with 7z 001 extension

The easy fix that follows deals with opening or extracting split files with numbered extensions (.001,.002,.003,.004, etc.). The files contained in a 7Z.001 file can be extracted using 7-Zip (Windows), The Unarchiver (Mac), or B1 Free Archiver (multiplatform). Verify that every file (FileName.7z.001, FileName.7z.002, FileName.7z.003, and so forth) in your multi-volume archive is kept in … Read more

How to Open a 7z File

The best way to open a 7z file on Windows is to use the 7-Zip program. Installing the 7-Zip software on your computer should come first. Next, locate the file that needs to be opened and give it a right-click. By doing this, a submenu appears, from which you can choose 7-zip and choose ‘Open … Read more

How to open a WinRAR file for free

The best option if you want to build RAR files is to use WinRAR. Nevertheless, the free and open source 7-Zip program is a superior option if all you need to do is extract a RAR file. You’re ready to proceed after downloading and installing 7-Zip from their website. Any RAR file can be double-clicked … Read more

How to download RAR files in Windows 10

You need a specialized RAR file opener in order to open files with the extension .rar and extract the data. An overview of the most popular programs for opening RAR files can be found here: WINRAR: A software that requires payment to create and extract RAR files on Windows. 7-ZIP: An open-source, free program with … Read more

Where to Open RAR file

Double-clicking a .rar file will open it in WinRAR if you have a RAR file to open (such as an email attachment or download). After that, you can select the files or folders you wish to open or extract. Select the destination folder (the folder in which you wish to save the contents of the … Read more