How do I know if my Office 2007 is original

You can use Spiceworks to scan your network and find out which licenses are currently in use.

Utilize this complimentary utility to search the domain for every product key, then contrast it with your inventory.

Belarc Advisor is a tool that you can use to locate the keys needed for specific computers.

In actuality, a crucial validation tool is what I’m searching for. Put differently, I want MS to inform me whether a key I want to enter is in use or not.

I’ve just discovered something that somewhat matches my search: Microsoft Office 2010 download

This enables the software to be downloaded and a key to be entered and at least validated. That’s definitely a positive step.

After it is installed, I guess I will just have to man up and try to activate it; if that doesn’t work, try another key.

I believe that enrolling in a volume licensing program would be the best course of action in this regard.

How do you all keep track of the licenses you own for commercial software?

Let’s explore if using Office 2007 is still acceptable.

Microsoft Update will no longer provide you with Office 2007 software updates.

There will be no more security updates for you. Updates for security on your computer are what shield it from dangerous viruses, spyware, and other unwanted programs.

Technical support via chat or phone will no longer be available to you.

There won’t be any more support content updates given. The majority of the online help material will actually be retired.

Office 2007 will no longer be available for download from the Microsoft website.

While Office 2007 is still functional, we advise you to update to a more recent version in order to take advantage of all the newest features, security updates, and patches.

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