How to change the Amazon Prime payment date

Below is the structured text using Markdown syntax:

  1. Go to Manage Membership in Prime.
  2. Examine the date of renewal that is indicated on the page’s left side.
  3. Click DO NOT CONTINUE if you are currently enrolled in an Amazon Prime free trial.
  4. Click END MEMBERSHIP if you currently have a paid membership to Amazon Prime.
  5. By clicking the link beneath the renewal date, you can stop your renewal.
  6. At the conclusion of the 30-day membership period, your membership will expire.
  7. You will be immediately converted to a paid monthly membership for S$2.99 at the conclusion of the free trial period.
  8. By choosing REMIND ME LATER under ‘Do not continue,’ which is available in YOUR ACCOUNT under ‘Manage Prime membership,’ you can also decide to set a reminder for your renewal.
  9. At any point, you can click CONTINUE MEMBERSHIP on the same page to turn on your automatic renewal again.

To modify the billing date for Amazon Prime, follow these steps:

  1. Use your Amazon account to log in on the Amazon website.
  2. Click YOUR ACCOUNT, then click ACCOUNT & LISTS, and finally click YOUR PAYMENTS.
  3. Select the appropriate payment option, then click EDIT to modify the name, expiration date, or billing address.
  4. Click SAVE to confirm the changes.
  5. To make payments, you must remove the payment method from the wallet and add a new one if the card has expired or if the card number has changed.
  6. After selecting the appropriate payment option, click EDIT.
  7. After selecting REMOVE FROM WALLET, select CONFIRM REMOVE.
  8. Click ADD A PAYMENT METHOD to add a new payment option.
  9. After selecting ADD A PAYMENT METHOD, enter the details for your payment method.
  10. Click ADD to save the changes.
  11. Visit the Amazon website and log in using your account.
  13. Make sure the selection button is enabled or disabled according to your preferences.
  14. Using the check boxes, go over and update the payment methods that are on file. Make sure that any methods that you do not want to be used as backups are left unchecked.
  15. Press SAVE.
  16. Any modifications you make on the Amazon website are immediately reflected in Amazon Pay.