How to Open a Word Document on Your Cell Phone

Both home users and those in business and education use Microsoft Office extensively.

One of the largest app stores online is the Google Play Store. This indicates that you can open Word documents on your Android device with no shortage of applications.

It should not be too difficult to open a new file on an Android device because Google added native support for both ".doc" and ".docx" files.

All of the apps listed in this article are functional as of August 2022, and the majority of them are free. Some of these apps come pre-installed.

Google Docs can be used to open DOC/DOCX files.

Find the document that needs to be viewed. To locate the Word document, use your email, Google Drive, or another service.

To access the file, tap the one you found in step 1 above. Open the file in ‘Docs’ (Google Docs) or, if you have another one, a different doc/docx file viewer/editor, if prompted.

To grant any permissions required for the file to open, click.

You are now able to view your document. Look for the pen or edit icon (this will vary depending on which program you’re using) if you need to make any changes.

  1. Go to the Play Store and download the Microsoft Word app.

  2. After the app has completed installing, tap the ".doc" or ".docx" file on your phone, and choose WORD from the list of available apps.

We’ll find out why we can’t open a Word document on our phone next.

Document Format Compatibility: The Android app you’re using might not be able to handle more complex formatting in more recent Word document formats (like DOCX) or might not support older Word document formats (like DOC).

Device Storage Restrictions: Your device might not have enough space to open and edit large Word documents if its storage is full or almost full.

App conflicts can arise when you have several office suite applications installed on your Android device. These conflicts can make it difficult to open documents.

Document Corruption: A corrupted Word document might not open on any platform or device. A number of factors, including incomplete downloads or software bugs, can lead to corruptions.

Software Updates: When attempting to open documents, outdated or incompatible software—such as the Word app or the Android operating system—can cause issues.

Absence of Internet Connection: In order to access documents stored in cloud services like OneDrive or Google Drive, some office suite apps require an internet connection. Openability of cloud-stored documents may be limited in the absence of an internet connection.

Make sure there are no corruptions in the document, as this will prevent any app from opening it.

Now let’s discuss whether a phone can read a Word document.

Word enables you to listen by converting written text into spoken words using your device’s text-to-speech (TTS) feature.

Only Microsoft 365, Office 2019, and Office 2021 can be used with Read Aloud.

Choose READ ALOUD under the REVIEW tab.

Choose PLAY from the controls to begin reading aloud.

Press PAUSE to put Read Aloud on hold.

Choose PREVIOUS or NEXT to go from one paragraph to the next.

Select STOP (X) to end the Read Aloud mode.