Bring Back Old YouTube Player With Full Screen in iPhone / iPad

Google’s YouTube has changed. When you go to from your Safari browser on iPhone or iPad, you will get a new video player design.

Google wanted to simplify YouTube, but this new “HTML5 player” isn’t readily accepted by many of us. Because it comes with a couple of problems:

First, it doesn’t have the playback controls. There are no old buttons. And this hides the controls, leaving a lot of users unhappy.

Second, you can’t play the videos in full-screen.

So what can you do to bring back the old YouTube player on your iOS 9? You can go back to the iOS YouTube app, but if you would like to make changes to the mobile version of YouTube (, then copy and paste this Javascript:

javascript:var v=document.getElementsByTagName('video');for(i=0;i

This Javascript code will replace the new YouTube player with the old one, bringing back the missing buttons. It also changes the video screen to full size, making it easier to view on your iPhone and iPad.

Tip Source: Reddit