Sync iCloud Contacts With Your iPhone

If you have upgraded your iPhone to the latest iOS 9 firmware, and you see that some of your contacts are missing…

Or if the contacts have disappeared from your device showing a “No Contacts” message

Then it’s time to sync your device with iCloud. When you sync it, all your old and new contacts are downloaded on your iPhone.

These contacts are saved locally under your Phone app, in the Contacts tab.

How To Sync

Follow these steps: From your iPhone, go to Settings app -> iCloud -> Make sure that iCloud is turned ON.

From the same iCloud page, turn ON Contacts if it is not already enabled. You will be asked to delete your old contacts (if you have no contacts at all – then choose this option).

Or you will be asked to merge your existing contacts (if you have any) with the iCloud contacts.

After selecting any one of the option, it’s time to wait for a couple of minutes as iCloud will begin downloading your contacts from its server.

When Process Takes Longer:

If your iPhone is on a slower Internet connection, switch to WiFi or Cellular 3G/4G data… so the syncing process is faster.

After 10 minutes, given that you are connected to a reliable connection, contacts will start appearing in your iPhone when you go to the Phone app (under the Contacts tab).

If Contacts Are Not Restored:

Here is a simple troubleshooting step you can follow when the contacts from iClouds are not restored even after waiting for more than 10 minutes.

  • Tap on Settings -> iCloud. Turn it ON and OFF again. You may be asked to sign in using your iCloud username and password.
  • Tap on Settings -> iCloud. When it is turned ON, look at the Contacts option – enable and disable its switch.

You can follow one or both the steps to force iCloud to restore your contacts.