Flipboard Updated For iOS 9 Lets You Search Using Spotlight

Flipboard is a popular app for reading news on your iPhones and iPads…

And the latest version of this app for iOS 9 now supports “Spotlight” search, which means you can find any topic, stories, and magazines right from your screen by following a few simple steps.

All you have to do it swipe from the top of your iPhone or iPad’s screen to open up Spotlight, then search anything you want.

Spotlight will automatically pull out the details from Flipboard and present it to you in the form of a list. When you tap on anything, it opens up the Flipboard app.

As posted on the Flipboard blog:

We’ve optimized Flipboard for iOS 9 so you can use Spotlight search for everything you follow on Flipboard. That means finding your favorite magazines, topics and stories faster.

Flipboard has also made sharing easier:

We’ve also implemented universal links, which allow links shared from Flipboard to launch inside the Flipboard app instead of Safari.

The latest version of Flipboard (version 3.3.7) is 32.3 MB in size. And if you haven’t updated it yet, look in the App Store. Or follow this iTunes link:

Download Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine