iOS 9 Required Installation Space Explained In Detail

So how much of storage space does iOS 9 require? Can I install iOS 9 without deleting any apps, games or songs from my device? How can I make some space to make sure iOS 9 can be downloaded and installed smoothly?

All these questions are answered in this article.

iOS 9 Process Explained

Let’s keep this simple. Whenever you are trying to update your iPhone / iPad to the newest firmware, it is important to:

  • Download the iOS file
  • Install the iOS file

You may use the OTP (Software Update) method or manually install iOS 9 IPSW files via iTunes, the process is always the same. This may seem easy because Apple does all this for you – it downloads and installs the files.

Your only job is to make sure that there is enough space in your device.

By enough, we mean at least 1.5 GB of free space. This is not more compared to last year – where users must have at least 4 GB of free storage space.

With iOS 9, you only need a maximum of 1.5 GB of space. (Although, as Apple says, iOS 9 consumes 1.3GB of space – it depends on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you are using).


Why Storage Space Matters

Will iOS 9 utilise the entire free space? What happens to the previous iOS 8 firmware? Is it deleted?

Apple iOS 9 requires 1.5 GB of storage space to “download” the file and save it locally on your device’s memory.

Once downloaded, the file occupies the entire space. And then, it will begin installing. This is where it gets interesting.

Downloaded iOS 9 file will replace the iOS 8 firmware.

Then, this downloaded file will be removed after the “installation” process is complete.

So you can get back your free space – not the entire 1.5 GB, but a significant part of that will be returned to your device after the installation is completed.

How To Make Some Room

Struggling to make some space on your device? No worries, as Apple now has this “Allows App Deletion” pop-up that appears on your device.

You can also remove old apps manually from your device.

If you have copies of songs and videos stored on your computer, remove them from your iPhone / iPad.

Import the photos and albums to your computer. They easily occupy massive portion of the storage space.

Clear the cache and junk data from your device. This is something so many folks never do as it is time-consuming in some ways.


There is a reason iOS 9 shows you “insufficient space for download” error when you are trying to upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 9.

To solve this, first you need to get rid of the apps you don’t use. Or use Apple’s help in deleting and restoring apps / games that are heavy in size – using the new “App Deletion” link.

We have discussed how the devices are updated and what you need to know about iOS 9’s installation. Then we saw the space needed to successfully install iOS 9 on your devices.

Over to you: Have you downloaded iOS 9 yet? Faced any problems? Let us know through the comment section below!