iOS 9 Jailbreak Almost Here, Thanks To iH8sn0w!

If you have enjoyed jailbreaking iOS 8 on your iPhone / iPad… and recently upgraded to iOS 9, then you are going to love this news:

Apparently, iH8sn0w has successfully jailbroken iOS 9 and published a video as a proof. This is an untethered jailbreak – meaning you won’t lose it even when you reboot the iOS device.

This is the first time any iOS 9 jailbreak video has been released. Check it out:

In the past, iH8sn0w has come up with Sn0wbreeze and P0sixspwn – both are free softwares used for jailbreaking iOS firmwares.

Other Teams Are After iOS 9 Jailbreak

It’s not just iH8sn0w that is busy exploring loopholes, but even teams like Pangu and TaiG want to jailbreak iOS 9 and release it to the public.

From what we hear, iOS 9 GM is already jailbroken. This GM shares the same build number as the iOS 9 final stable version.

So when Apple releases iOS 9 to the public, any one of these jailbreaking teams – or all of them – will release their jailbreaking software.

Why not release the iOS 9 jailbreaking tool right now? This is possibly because iOS hackers don’t want Apple to find out the “exploit” – and if Apple did learn about them, there’s a massive chance that the exploit will be patched in the upcoming iOS 9 release.

For this reason, we have to wait for another jailbreak update that is likely going to happen after the release of iOS 9.