iOS 9 Features

So what's new in iOS 9? Is it the interface or the apps? In this article, we have listed all the important features of iOS 9 that you should know - and when you do, you will be able to use them almost immediately.

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Apple introduced Siri with iPhone 4s in 2011. As you probably know, Siri is a voice assistant that listens to your command and sends back a relevant response on your iPhones and iPads. Now, with iOS 9 announcement, it was revealed that Siri serves over a billion request every week.

Siri in iOS 9: Siri now has a new interface. If that wasn't enough, it is 40% more faster and 40% more accurate. The "reminder" command now does more things than possible. For example, if you ask Siri to remind you to grab a coffee when you walk into your house... Siri (with Internet connection enabled) will know when you have entered your house and alarms you to get a coffee.

Proactive Assistant

Proactive Assistant is the term used at the WWDC event that shows the number of things iOS 9 can do. Simply put, Proactive Assistant is a hyperactive assistant that will analyze your behavior and offer relevant responses. Consider it as an invisible friend that listens to you.

For example: If you have the habit of using a meditation app every morning as you walk outside, your device - iPhone or iPad - will now show you the same meditation app at the bottom of the screen - so it gets easier to launch it.

Or if you are listening to any audiobook every time you step into your car, the iOS 9's Proactive Assistant will show you the audiobook playback options on the screen.

Proactive Assistant is a context-sensitive feature. Depending on your location and time, you will get relevant responses.

Track Unknown Number

If you receive a phone call on your Apple iPhone with no name (from an phone unknown number), iOS 9 will automatically look into your email and match the contacts.

For ex: If you receive a call from +1(415)555-8901 and you have saved this number as John in your email..., the details will be collected and displayed under the unknown phone number.

Search Suggestions

Search bar that appears when you push the screen from top to bottom with your finger now has more functionality. With iOS 8, the new search offers direct answers to your questions. For example: you can get the meaning of a word or the score of the latest sports game.

You can also search and get videos right from the search. So if you want to find that hidden movie, just type a couple of words in the search box and let iOS 9 do its magic.

Apple has also added search API, which means other companies can now use search to make your life easier. For example: If you have apps like Yummly or Airbnb installed on your device, then whenever you search anything,

Apple Maps

Apple Maps for iOS 9 has seen a major upgrade. It now offers details that will help you commute. For example: If you want to travel bus, you will get the exact time you need to reach the destination. Similarly, train and walking distances are revealed.

Apple is also introducing highly accurate information for cities like Baltimore, New York, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, D.C.

In China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and 300 more cities will get Apple Maps that shows all the transit details.

Search With Siri & Photos App

The beauty of iOS 9 is that it tries to be more than just another mobile operating system. it is trying to be your invisible friend that learns more about you as you interact with it everyday.

Craig Federighi shows how iOS 9 is context-sensitive - meaning it tries to learn about you as you use your iOS devices everyday.

For example: When you unlock your iPhone or iPad early in the morning, it will show you the meditation app on the lockscreen so you can launch it immediately (or any other favorite app of yours that you use in the morning).

Love listening to audiobooks while driving? Then iOS 9 shows you the audiobook you were listening to right when you left off. All this happens when you are just about to drive.

Privacy Settings

Unlike other companies in the smartphone market, Apple is taking privacy very seriously. They are giving all the Apple owners the power to keep our data safe and secure. All of our privacy details are never shared with third-party companies or used by Apple.

At first, you may be wondering: "What's so special about this?" Only those who really care about their privacy and want to stay away from those apps that take your details will enjoy this significant promise of keeping your privacy in control.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is expanding. With iOS 9, you can expect over 2500 banks to support Apple Pay. Plus, in July, 2015, Apple Pay will be launched in United Kingdom. This is a big move to make mobile payments a reality.


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