How far is the Moon from Earth

At an average distance of 238,855 miles, or roughly 30 Earths, the Moon is from Earth. Be not deceived! In actuality, they are very far apart. On average, the distance to the Moon is 238,855 MILES (384,400 KM). How much distance is that? 30 EARTHS, THAT IS. Why is the average distance mentioned? The Moon’s … Read more

Understanding 720p: What Does the P Mean?

The progressive scan, or non-interlaced, is indicated by the p. The 720 horizontal scan lines are denoted by the number 720. A progressive HD transmission having 720 horizontal lines and 1280 columns is called 720P. The phrase refers to a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. 720p is included in all major HD broadcasting standards. P stands … Read more

How to open files with 7z 001 extension

The easy fix that follows deals with opening or extracting split files with numbered extensions (.001,.002,.003,.004, etc.). The files contained in a 7Z.001 file can be extracted using 7-Zip (Windows), The Unarchiver (Mac), or B1 Free Archiver (multiplatform). Verify that every file (FileName.7z.001, FileName.7z.002, FileName.7z.003, and so forth) in your multi-volume archive is kept in … Read more

How big is a 42-inch TV

TV Sizes and Viewing Distance A 42-INCH TV measures roughly 52 cm in height and 93 cm in width. The center of the TV screen should be at or slightly below eye level when placing or mounting the device. The majority of experts advise placing the TV’s center about one meter from the ground. A … Read more

How good is the MKV format?

Among the most widely used video file formats are MP4 and Matroska Video (MKV). The philosophical distinction between MKV and MP4 is the most significant one. Comparable MKV files are larger than MP4 files. MP4 support is far more common in players provided by mobile device manufacturers than MKV support. MP4 has less file overhead … Read more

How to Extract a File in Linux

Several compressed files are included in a TAR.GZ file to reduce download bandwidth and storage space. Sometimes referred to as a tarball, the .TAR file serves as a portable container for other files. The extension’s .GZ suffix refers to GZIP, a widely used compression tool. GZIP extracts the file into the current directory by default. … Read more

What is rich text in Word

Use a rich text box on your Microsoft Office InfoPath form template so that users can add styled text, paragraph breaks, tables, photos, and clip art to a data-entry field. Simply said, a rich text box is an area on a form where users can enter text, similar to a comments box. Rich text boxes … Read more

How to Modify the Text of a Received Email

To alter the subject: Select the full subject line when the email opens. After entering a substitute, click SAVE. Make your edits by selecting MOVE > ACTIONS > EDIT MESSAGE. Choose SAVE. Here’s how to alter any Outlook mail you receive’s subject line. To open the message in a new window and make changes, double-click … Read more

How to unzip zip for free

Use the right-click menu to choose EXTRACT ALL, then follow the prompts to unzip the entire folder. Alternatively, you can use the command ribbon to select EXTRACT ALL. Double-clicking the compressed folder will open it and allow you to decompress a single file or folder. Next, move the item to a new location by dragging … Read more

What are the advantages of MySQL

You can use MySQL, an open-source database that is free to use. With this application, you can manage your data effectively as it is a very strong, stable, and dependable solution. When it comes to reliability and security, it is among the most widely used database management systems. The amazing scalability of this platform can … Read more