How to Delete NOMEDIA File

The folder that needs to be designated as the "no media" folder needs to contain a NOMEDIA file. If you would like to hide the contents of the folder, you can create one yourself or unhide the ringtones, music, videos, and other content by deleting the NOMEDIA file. This type of file can be created … Read more

What program opens PKPass files

Users of iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches can store electronic copies of tickets, passes, and coupons on their devices among other things by utilizing the iOS and watchOS app Apple Wallet. Rename your PKPASS file to use the .zip extension, and then open it with any Zip decompression software if you wish to view these … Read more

How do you open an AI file?

Working with vector images is common for graphic designers. The most popular kind of vector image is the AI file. What you want to do with it will determine the best method to proceed. Numerous tools can be used to open an AI file for viewing only—that is, for editing. You must convert AI files … Read more

How to Unzip a File Without Having Space

7-Zip (available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS as Keka) can open a directory within a ZIP file without extracting the entire file, if you’re willing to accept a non-cloud solution. You won’t have to unpack everything to obtain what you need because it will show you the contents and let you extract only the files … Read more

How to open ZIP files

The file extension (.zip) and a zipper on the folder icon serve as indicators of compressed files. Before you can extract a zipped file from an email attachment, you must save the file to your computer. A new folder of the same name is created when you extract files from a zipped folder. This new … Read more

How to open an ASM file

The reason you are here is that you have a file with a .asm file extension. Certain applications are the only ones that can open files ending in .asm. The ASM format can be used to store data containing assembly language code. Several text editing programs, including Microsoft WordPad and Notepad, can be used to … Read more

How to open a file in Bizagi

Select BPMN under the Import group on the Export/Import tab. Click the Open button after browsing to find and pick the .bpmn file. After the BPMN file loads, Bizagi Modeler will allow you to edit the diagram. The diagram will seem to have been made right there in Bizagi Modeler. You can visually explore and … Read more

How to open a DOC file without Word

Opening and editing the file can be done in a number of ways without paying for an Office 365 subscription. The greatest ways to open and edit Word documents on any device without having Microsoft Word installed are outlined below. All you need to open a Word document on a PC or Mac is WordPad … Read more

How can I open a crypt12 file

An encrypted database produced by the Android messaging app WhatsApp Messenger is known as a CRYPT12 file. To access the message history stored in a CRYPT12 database, you need to first find your WhatsApp key file, which contains the encryption key for your CRYPT12 file. The SD card of Android devices running WhatsApp Messenger contains … Read more

Where can I see the downloads

To locate your downloads on different devices, follow these steps: On an iPhone or iPad: Get the Files app open. Click on the Browse tab. On iCloud Drive, tap. To view the files you’ve downloaded, tap the Downloads folder. Click the Page Settings button in Safari, next to the search field. Press the Downloads icon. … Read more