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My name is Sid and I started this website for a couple of reasons.

You see, I love my Apple devices and I love what Apple does every year. They release a new iOS software and plenty of innovative gadgets every year (although the innovation has declined over the years).

But to me, and I am sure even you see this, Apple has always been impressive. For ex: the new iOS 9 will also work on Apple iPhone 4S. That's a 3-4 years old model. Talk about "caring" your customers!

Who does that? Only Apple.

With that said, on this website, we will only talk about Apple and iOS 9 firmware.

Quick iOS Facts:

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No matter what the Android fanboys says, Apple iOS has been growing… actually, exploding… rapidly every year. In fact, if we collect all the Apple users using older iOS firmwares, the iOS is still the number one mobile operating system… with less than a dozen devices under its belt.

There are tonnes of amazing features in iOS 9 that we will discuss on this website. But when I first saw the announcement, I was surprised to see the new logo. Because, you see...

iOS 9 Logo Is Damn Simple!

Apple hasn't made any changes to the logo of iOS 9. In fact, it is absolutely similar to the previous iOS 8 logo. Only the number is changed from "8" to "9". Check it out:

Now, for most of us, it wouldn't matter. But the designers are going crazy over this. One designer even said: "I want to work with Apple. Easy salary for making such logos."

What can you expect from us?

  • Latest news on iOS 9 — from the announcement hype to release dates
  • Shortcut tips and hidden tricks for your iOS devices (only after iOS 9 is announced)
  • New iOS 9 features and how you can use them for your benefit on your Apple iPhones and iPads
  • Problems that comes with iOS 9 — yes, we love Apple but we can’t just leave out those frustrating problems that comes with it. Knowing this will help you find out more about iOS 9


Release Date

Find out the exact release dates of iOS 9 firmware.

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Every year Apple adds something new to its iOS firmware.

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Wondering if your device will the new iOS 9?

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Download Links

Can't wait to download iOS 9 on your device? Beta or stable version?

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New to iOS 9? Want to safely install it on your device?

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We thought iOS 9 is bug-free. But the truth is, it's not.

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