Confirmed: iPhone 4s Does Not Have WiFi Assist Feature

Apple always does this.

It adds something new – and useful – to its iOS update…

But not every device gets it.

And here is one such case, where the WiFi Assist feature is unavailable on iPhone 4s running iOS 9 or higher firmware.

Case of The Missing WiFi Assist

There is no dramatic case here.

If you can’t find the WiFi Assist option on your iPhone 4s, and you have been looking almost everywhere in your Settings page, then it’s not your fault.

In fact, it’s not even a fault.

Apple has intentionally removed WiFi Assist from the iPhone 4s.

And why would they do that?

Perhaps Apple considers iPhone 4s a legacy device, and the company doesn’t want you to enjoy all the features – if you did, then you are less likely to upgrade to the next iPhone, right?

Or perhaps WiFi Assist in iPhone 4s requires something special – we doubt that though.

Here’s the screenshot of the cellular page in the iPhone 4s with no WiFi Assist (left):


One cannot enable or disable WiFi Assist in iPhone 4s.

We have also updated our WiFi Assist article reflecting this change. Yes, it’s unfortunate. And yes, there is no trick or workaround to get this fixed.

Note: We checked almost every iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.0.1 – and WiFi Assist is unavailable only on iPhone 4s.

Remember: By default, WiFi Assist switches connection from a weak WiFi to a reliable 3G/4G LTE cellular data – increasing the cellular data usage without your permission. As an iPhone 4s user, where WiFi Assist is no longer supported, you could consider yourself lucky for not losing massive amount of bandwidth.