iOS 9 Messaging Bug: When Text Box Turns Grey / Blocks Text [Fix]

After updating iPhone / iPad to iOS 9, you may notice this strange bug:

Go to the Messages app and into a conversation, then send a message or tap on the text box field – which pops up the keyboard.

This text box, however, has a grey bar with round edges displaying a 0:00 timer. It almost looks like you have accidentally tapped on the “mic” button to record audio message:


You can still type from the keyboard, but the grey box hides text. You can’t see what you have typed. This issue is visible when you send an SMS or iMessage.

We have various iOS users complaining about this gray text box bug:


How do you fix this?

This is a known bug, and there is no “permanent” fix yet. If you find the gray bar frustrating (who wouldn’t?), the only way to get rid of it is to:

  • Close the Messages app from the background and relaunch it again.

Yes, the gray bar may appear once again – and you have to follow the same temporary fix until Apple realizes this bug needs to be addressed.