Now Remove Notification Clearing Bug in iOS 9

So we have a problem. And this problem affects only a certain number of iPhone / iPad users with iOS 9 installed.


I am talking about this strange bug related to notifications.

To be precise, you cannot clear notifications from your screen. So for instance, whenever you tap on “x” from your iPhone / iPad – to clear and close mails, messages, WhatsApp, voicemail notifications, etc. – the message doesn’t go away. It doesn’t disappear. In fact, it simply stays there. Or reappears.

No amount on x-tapping fixes this problem.

On further research, I found a couple of complaining tweets.

But there was no solution until I found this thread. In it, user davidbfunny offers a temporary solution that helps you to force-clear notifications. All you have to do is reset the notifications on your iOS device. Here’s how to do it:

Settings > Notifications > [Notification View] and toggle the “Group by App”setting.

That’s it! Once you follow this procedure to reset notifications, you can then easily clear the uncleared messages, mails, etc. from your device.

Now, from what I read, this is a known issue and what you saw above is a temporary solution to the problem. It works for now.

Yet Apple needs to address and fix this clearing bug in the next iOS update. Till then, toggling the Group by App is your only answer.