Fix iOS 9 Mail App Wrongly Showing Massive Unread Emails

We are seeing issues with the new iOS 9’s Mail app.

In fact, pick up your iPhone / iPad, go the Mail app and you may notice lots of unread emails under the “All Inboxes” section.

Even if you have read these emails before, the numbers don’t change.

To make it worse:

These numbers are wrong. These unread email counts are wrong. Look at this picture, for example, which shows over 2 billion unread emails on iPhone:


This is a bug visible only on devices running on iOS 9 from what we hear. And looking online, we see several thousands of users affected with this issue.

As mentioned on Reddit:

It doesnt even show which of the Mail Accounts supposedly have these unread mail, its just in the subfolder Unread Mail and in All Inboxes – aswell as ofc the popup number on the app icon.

edit: It just showed me I have unread Mails, lol


What’s the fix?

Apparently, marking all the emails as read from the Mail app solves the problem.

It seem to be working for a couple of users, while others – especially iPad users – are saying that selecting all the emails and tapping on “mark as read” doesn’t change anything:

On my iPad Air.

No matter how many times you edit it to either “mark as read” or “mark as unread” the email icon still shows a few thousand unread emails.

Not as many as you – but they have all been read! Hope somebody draws this to Apple’s attention.


User scopex also mentions a solution:

-> Delete your POP or IMAP configured email accounts from your Mail app. After which, your device will automatically display the correct number of unread email messages.

Another solution: Just delete all the email accounts you have and add them back one by one.