Apple Plans To Bring iPhone 5s 8GB in India, China, UK

Go to any classified websites and you will notice that outdated iPhones are always the cheapest. But how can Apple release a new model – one that supports iOS 9 – to the market at a cheaper price?

It is possible by reducing the storage space of the device.

And Apple has done just that with its iPhone 5s device, which will be available in 8GB variant in the global and emerging markets like India, China, UK.


Cheapest iPhone Ever?

Currently, on Amazon and elsewhere, iPhone 4 is the cheapest iPhone, and its 8 GB model sells at about $200. Problem with iPhone 4 is that it was released in 2010 – over 5 years ago.

Plus, it is not compatible with iOS 9, and most of the apps designed today will not work on this device.

Still, in countries like India, iPhone 4 8GB models were a massive hit due to its discounted price. Similarly, significant units of iPhone 4s devices were sold in such countries.

Now, with the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple has decided to put iPhone 5s 8GB variant on sale.

Seeing some of the reports online, we talked to the supply chain to confirm the news. In countries like India, Pakistan, China, UK… Apple will release a new iPhone 5s 8GB model very soon.

Expect it to the hit the online stores before the end of this year.

Why iPhone 5s 8GB?

Let’s call it a marketing strategy from Apple. Because once you have used a cheap iPhone that works so well, runs on the latest iOS 9 firmware (see iOS 9 compatibility list), then in a year or two, you are going to upgrade to another iPhone.

In other words, Apple converts you from a stranger into a customer by selling you a cheap iPhone 5s.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but for now – iPhone 5s 16GB model is sold at around $400 through the online stores. And we expect the 8GB model will be priced anywhere between $250 to $300.

Apple iPhone 5s sports a 5-inch retina display with a A7 chipset that’s enough to play most of the graphical games and run resource-intense apps without any lags.

Although iPhone 5s is available in three colors – gold, silver, and space gray – we believe the gold version will not be available anymore through the Apple store.