What is an RTF format

A file format called rich text format (RTF) makes it possible to exchange text files between various word processing applications. RTF files include the actual text of the document along with configuration data. The formatting consists of font size, margin settings, bold, and italics. Wide Compatibility: RTF files provide wide compatibility and simple document sharing … Read more

What is a pub file

The Microsoft Publisher file format that is most easily opened with Microsoft Publisher is a .pub file. Use LibraOffice Draw, CorelDraw, or other tools that support the .pub format if you don’t have Publisher. You might also be able to convert the .pub file you wish to open with Zamzar to a different, more approachable … Read more

What type of files does SolidWorks open

Users can save files easily because SOLIDWORKS supports a wide variety of file formats for import and export. A natively saved file in SOLIDWORKS can be saved as an: SLDDRT template file (.slddrt) SLDPRT part file (.sldprt) SLDASM assembly file (.sldasm) SLDDRW drawing file (.SLDDRW) Keep in mind that an assembly file can be made … Read more

What is TIFF: Advantages and Disadvantages

TIFF files, which are ideal for high-quality professional images, retain the original image’s detail and color depth because they are primarily lossless compressed. TIFFs are great for high-resolution scans, like backing up your handcrafted artwork and private documents because of their amazing detail. TIFFs are compatible with all major operating systems because they are a … Read more

What is a DOC or DOCX format

Prior to the release of Microsoft Word 2003, the only file format available for use with Microsoft Office was the DOC file format. When Microsoft Word 2007 was released, the DOCX file format was unveiled and is still in use today. XML standard is what the X in DOCX stands for. The ability to access … Read more

What type of file is NEF

A Nikon Raw Image file is known as a NEF file. TIFF is the foundation of the NEF file format. Moreover, Able RAWer, Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, GIMP, AfterShot Pro, and most likely a few other well-known photo and graphics programs can open NEF files. One way to convert a NEF file to another format is … Read more

What application opens ODS files

A spreadsheet made with Calc, a spreadsheet application that comes with the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites, is known as an ODS file. ODS files can be opened, edited, saved, and converted by a number of applications, including Microsoft Excel and the Calc applications found in the LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice suites. Both LibreOffice Calc … Read more

What is the DOCX extension

Microsoft Word has utilized the proprietary DOC format for its saved files for the majority of its lengthy existence. With the release of Word 2007 and later versions of Microsoft Office, DOCX became the new default save format. Microsoft Word uses the DOC file format, and DOCX is its replacement. Both are quite open, but … Read more

What application opens CBR files

Below there is a text that needs to be structured using Markdown sytax. Make sure sentences or phrases are not changed except for added Markdown sytax. Given text: Let’s investigate the apps that can open CBR files. Use CBR Reader, Manga Reader, CDisplay Ex, or Calibre to open one. For Windows and/or Mac, Calibre, Sumatra … Read more

What is a Google Earth KMZ file?

ZIP files and KMZ files are extremely similar. They compress the contents to speed up downloads and let you bundle multiple files together. This enables you to include images in your KML file if you so choose. You can choose to save your content as a KML or KMZ file when you save a placemark … Read more