Understanding TGZ File Format

A TGZ file is a Unix.TAR archive that has been compressed using Gnu Zip (.GZIP) to minimize its size. It was first developed as the abbreviated form of the compound extension and is frequently found on Unix and Linux systems.TAR.GZ. In order to extract the archived files and decompress a TGZ file simultaneously, use the … Read more

What is the native Fireworks file format?

PNG is the default file format for Fireworks. Adobe Fireworks is a raster image and vector graphics editor. Files with the FW.PNG extension are native PNG image files. Adobe developers selected PNG as the native format for their Fireworks application because it is patent-free, allows for smaller PNG image files, and can hold non-image data. … Read more

Understanding the Difference Between JPG and JPEG Files

The file type was originally known as JPEG. Nevertheless, Microsoft operating systems could only use file types that were three letters or less in the past (before to Windows 95). This meant that because JPEG files have a four-letter extension, they could not be used. Thus, the file type was renamed to JPG on Windows … Read more

What does an MDX file mean?

In the real-time strategy game Warcraft III, players construct bases and command units within the made-up realm of Azeroth. An MDX file is a model file used by the game. It contains meshes and textures for units and buildings, as well as a 3D game model. MDX files are used to store pre-made 3D models … Read more

How does a MOV file open

Apple created the MOV file, a multimedia content container that holds images, audio, videos, and subtitles all in one file. The MOV file extension was first created for the Mac, but it can also be used on DVD players and Windows computers. Although MOV files can be opened in Windows, they are not natively supported. … Read more

What is the PPT format

PPT and PPTX are the supported file formats for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Document/Medical products. These files store collections of data and structures containing slides, shapes, images, audio, video, text, and other presentation content. The content can be shown as a slide show to an audience. PPT – Proprietary Binary Format The standard presentation format … Read more

Understanding the Difference Between PPT and PPTX Formats

The most widely used file format for PowerPoint presentations that can be saved to a disc is PPT. With the release of Office 2007, it was superseded by the more recent PPTX file format, which has been the standard for saving presentations ever since. PPT files are saved to disc as binary files, while PPTX … Read more

What does an OXPS file contain?

A file with the OXPS file extension is essentially a "container." This file container can hold many different kinds of content and displays it in a format resembling paper. The OXPS file format is identical to the XPS file format. The distinction lies in the fact that an OXPS file is regarded as a "open" … Read more

What is the PPTX format?

PowerPoint File Formats A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is stored as a PPTX file. A Microsoft PowerPoint slide show is stored as a PPTX file. Formatted text, objects, slides, pictures, videos, and more can all be included. With PowerPoint 2007 and later, this is the standard format for presentation files. PPT files are extensions for older … Read more

What formats does pepakura accept

A few 3D file formats from programs like 3D Studio, LightWave, and Softimage are supported by Pepakura. ‘MetasequoiaLE’ freeware files are also supported by Pepakura. The file extensions listed below are compatible with PEPAKURA Designer: Pdo 3ds Bmp DXF Emf JPEG JPG KML KZ Obj PDF PNG Stl SVG TIFF Now let’s examine the file … Read more