What is the PPT format

PPT and PPTX are the supported file formats for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Document/Medical products. These files store collections of data and structures containing slides, shapes, images, audio, video, text, and other presentation content. The content can be shown as a slide show to an audience.

PPT – Proprietary Binary Format

The standard presentation format for Microsoft Office 97–2003 is PPT, a proprietary Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation binary file format. It supports loading and storing raster image files.

PPTX – XML-Based Format

PPTX is a packed XML-based file format included in the Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML or OpenXML) specification. It was first released with Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions. For newly created PowerPoint presentations, the default file format is PPTX. PPTX has built-in support for loading and storing PPT files.

However, PPTX does not support sub-formats, progressive loading, stamps, lossless JPEG compression, and QFactor.

LEADTOOLS supports every variation of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation format from Office 97 PPT to the latest PPTX. It can load PPTX/PPT files as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents or raster graphics. It can also load files with multiple pages and varying DPI, as well as files with multiple pages that have varying widths and heights. Additionally, LEADTOOLS supports sophisticated features like rotatable images, bullets, and translucent images.

A PPT presentation is a PowerPoint presentation that can be opened in PowerPoint 2007 and later on a PC, or in PowerPoint 2008 and later on a Mac. It may contain code written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It can also be a PowerPoint 97 to Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation that you can open. Furthermore, a PPT presentation can be a PostScript-based electronic file format created by Adobe Systems, allowing file sharing while maintaining document layout. It can also be a fresh take on the electronic paper format for document exchange in final form. Additionally, a PPT presentation can be a template that you can use to format presentations going forward or a template to which you can add pre-approved macros for use in presentations.

To create a PowerPoint file, you can use PowerPoint for the Web, which is available in your web browser. This allows you to create presentations with pictures, videos, transitions, and animations. You can access your presentations on a phone, tablet, or computer, and collaborate and share them with others. To begin, you can visit powerpoint.office.com or log in to office.com/signin, choose the Office 365 app launcher icon (MICROSOFT 365 APP LAUNCHER), and select POWERPOINT.

Once you are in PowerPoint, you can start by choosing a presentation template, selecting one of the available themes, opening a recent file, or creating a new blank presentation. You can give your presentation a name by choosing the title at the top. To add a new slide, choose the slide that your new slide will be based on and select NEW SLIDE under HOME. From the drop-down menu, choose the desired type by selecting LAYOUT. Your work in PowerPoint for the Web is automatically saved every few seconds. To make a duplicate copy in a different location, choose FILE > SAVE A COPY. Alternatively, select FILE > DOWNLOAD AS to store a copy on your device. AutoSave automatically saves your changes while you work online and syncs any pending updates as soon as you reconnect to the Internet after losing or disconnecting your connection.

A document containing a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow presentation has the PPTX extension. PPTX refers to the updated "Open XML" format and is an acronym for PowerPoint. It is essentially the same as the previous native file format, PPT, but with an X at the end. Microsoft upgraded the PPT file to the Open XML format in 2007 and replaced it with the PPTX file. PPTX files are specifically designed for PowerPoint presentations and are much smaller in size compared to their predecessor, the PPT file, due to their compressed format. However, PPTX files cannot be opened with Microsoft PowerPoint versions older than 2007. A PPTX file is an improved version of the previous PPT file.