What is rich text in Word

Use a rich text box on your Microsoft Office InfoPath form template so that users can add styled text, paragraph breaks, tables, photos, and clip art to a data-entry field. Simply said, a rich text box is an area on a form where users can enter text, similar to a comments box. Rich text boxes … Read more

How do you open a document in Word

Below is the structured text using Markdown syntax: To open a document that has already been created: Press the FILE → OPEN button. Choose a file to open by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking and choosing OPEN from the window that appears. Use CTRL + O as a shortcut key. To close a document: … Read more

How to Open Files in Word

One of the most widely used word processing programs on computers is Microsoft Word. You can use any of the following options to open these files—including Word-created and saved files—in Microsoft Word. Double-clicking a file will sometimes open it in Microsoft Word. You can select the application to open a file with, including Microsoft Word, … Read more

How to Transfer a Gantt Chart to Word

Make a list of all the tasks included in the project before you begin to create a Gantt chart in Word. Go to LAYOUT → ORIENTATION → LANDSCAPE to accomplish this. You can also decrease the margins to maximize the amount of space on the page. To add a table, click the INSERT tab, choose … Read more